Monday, October 22, 2012

Obama’s Media Allies Struggle to Conceal Red Mentor

Accuracy in Media
A liberal writer named Elspeth Reeve, who writes for The Atlantic magazine, frets that Barack Obama’s relationship to Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis is getting more attention from voters and may constitute an “October surprise” that dooms the President’s re-election chances. She calls Davis only an “alleged communist” when in fact he was a card-carrying CPUSA member with a 600-page FBI file.

Her story goes further downhill from there, clearly suggesting that Obama’s media backers are worried and desperate to conceal the truth.

Practicing a new form of damage control, she acknowledges that “Davis was important to Obama,” because the evidence of the relationship cannot be denied, but claims that “Obama doesn’t seem to have been important to Davis.” Her evidence for this claim is that Davis biographer John Edgar Tidwell was quoted as saying that there was no mention of Obama in any of Davis’s papers. She thinks this gap in the record somehow gets Obama off the hook for a relationship with a communist who doubled as a pornographer.

But what she is acknowledging, without saying so directly, is that Davis did not want his relationship with Obama to be revealed. This makes sense, especially if Davis was a Communist Party member under FBI surveillance engaged in espionage or recruitment. His file does suggest espionage on his part.

The relationship was disclosed back in 2007 when a CPUSA writer talked about it, leading to the identification of “Frank” in Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father, as Frank Marshall Davis. The appropriate question, never asked by the major media, is why Obama would cover up Frank’s real identity. He makes a reference to “Frank” 22 times in his book.

Before I gave a speech on the subject of Davis at the September 21st AIM conference, Paul Kengor, author of a book on Davis, The Communist, told me, “I haven’t received a single media inquiry from anyone in the mainstream media, despite the book making the top 10 on the New York Times’ bestseller list and hitting number 1 in non-fiction on both Amazon and Barnes & Not one reporter from the mainstream media has bothered to contact me…They will do anything to protect Barack Obama. The truth be damned.”

The cover-up is getting more intense as Election Day approaches.

Paul Kengor now draws our attention to the fact that Obama’s audio version of Dreams from My Father has omitted every reference to “Frank” that was in the book.

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