Saturday, October 27, 2012

‘Sharia Killed Ambassador Chris Stevens’

Andrew McCarthy
The headline on this post could just be a statement of fact, derived from an obvious truth, albeit one that our willfully blind government refuses to assimilate despite years of anti-American atrocities.

Under the supremacist interpretation of sharia — Islam’s totalitarian societal system — that is regnant in the Middle East, non-Muslim Westerners who seek to implant Western ideas and institutions in Islamic countries are deemed enemies who must be driven out or killed. As U.S. Ambassador to Libya, as an American attempting to transition the former Qaddafi dictatorship into something approximating Western democracy, Christopher Stephens was deemed an enemy worthy of killing; therefore, sharia ideologues killed him, along with three other similarly “culpable” Americans.

That is what happened. It is, moreover, what President Obama and his administration knew happened. They no doubt knew it while it was happening. They undeniably knew it within hours of its happening. And in spite of knowing it, they weaved a web of lies, over a course of weeks, to obscure what happened. They did so in gross violation of the president’s oath of office, and in a willfully anti-Constitutional conspiracy with Islamists against American free expression rights — a conspiracy resulting in the unforgivable prosecution of an American citizen for exercising his First Amendment right to make a video negatively depicting Islam. A video top administration officials, including the president himself, fraudulently portrayed as the catalyst of murderous Islamist savagery, intentionally obscuring the role of sharia.

That could be the explanation for the headline of this post. But it is not.

The headline, instead, is a quote mined from a bull’s-eye column by the American Spectator‘s stellar Jeffrey Lord. “Sharia,” he concludes, “killed Ambassador Chris Stevens.” And unlike anything you’ve read, Jeff compellingly connects some damning dots.

The local al-Qaeda franchise in Libya is called Ansar al-Sharia — literally, the “helpers of sharia.” The organization’s goal, the goal shared by all Islamists, not just those who seek it by violent jihad, is to “impose sharia.” So declares Ansar al-Sharia’s emir, Mohammed Ali al-Zawahi. Entirely consistent with that goal, Lord reports Zawahi’s proclamation that Ansar “is all about doing ‘battle with the liberals, the secularists and the remnants of Gaddafi.’ The terms ‘liberals’ and ‘secularists’ of course mean Americans and Westerners.”

For those who seek to impose sharia, the liberty culture of the West is anathema because Islam prohibits in Islamic lands the licensing of anything sharia forbids and the prohibition of anything sharia permits. This supremacist construction of sharia, deeply rooted in Muslim scripture, exhorts Muslims to drive out or kill Westerners even if those Westerners believe their operations in Islamic countries are for the humanitarian benefit of indigenous Muslims.

That is why, for example, Afghan military and police recruits turn their guns on their American and allied trainers, killing scores of them in just the last two years.

It is why Islamists like Saleha Abedin, the mother of Secretary of State Clinton’s top adviser Huma Abedin, work towards the repeal of Mubarak-era laws that protected women and girls from horrific practices like child marriage and female genital mutilation — practices that are endorsed by sharia and, Islamists insist, may not be banned regardless of how the West may judge them.

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