Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Des Moines Register endorsement: Mitt Romney

Newspaper endorsements do not carry the weight they once did but this one is huge. For the first time in 40 years, the Des Moines Register is endorsing a Republican. Iowa may be slipping away from Obama. - Reggie

Des Moines Register
Ten months ago this newspaper endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination for president. An overarching consideration was which of the party’s candidates could we see occupying the White House, and there was no question that Romney was qualified for the job.

Now, in the closing days of the general election campaign, the question is which of the two contenders deserves to be the next president of the United States.

Both President Barack Obama and Governor Romney are superbly qualified. Both are graduates of the Harvard University Law School who have distinguished themselves in government, in public service and in private life. Both are devoted husbands and fathers.

American voters are deeply divided about this race. The Register’s editorial board, as it should, had a vigorous debate over this endorsement. Our discussion repeatedly circled back to the nation’s single most important challenge: pulling the economy out of the doldrums, getting more Americans back in the workforce in meaningful jobs with promising futures, and getting the federal government on a track to balance the budget in a bipartisan manner that the country demands.

Which candidate could forge the compromises in Congress to achieve these goals? When the question is framed in those terms, Mitt Romney emerges the stronger candidate.

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And there is this...

Des Moines Register Endorsements in the last 100 years:

• 1912: William H. Taft (R) - lost
• 1916: Charles Hughes (R) - lost
• 1920: No endorsement
• 1924: No endorsement
• 1928: Herbert Hoover (R) - won
• 1932: Herbert Hoover (R) - lost
• 1936: Alf Landon (R) - lost
• 1940: Wendell Willkie (R) - lost
• 1944: Thomas E. Dewey (R) - lost
• 1948: Thomas E. Dewey (R) - lost
• 1952: Dwight Eisenhower (R) - won
• 1956: Dwight Eisenhower (R) - won
• 1960: Richard Nixon (R) - lost
• 1964: Lyndon B. Johnson (D) - won
• 1968: Hubert Humphrey (D) - lost
• 1972: Richard Nixon (R) - won
• 1976: Jimmy Carter (D) - won
• 1980: Jimmy Carter (D) - lost
• 1984: Walter Mondale (D) - lost
• 1988: Michael Dukakis (D) - lost
• 1992: Bill Clinton (D) - won
• 1996: Bill Clinton (D) - won
• 2000: Al Gore (D) - lost
• 2004: John Kerry (D) - lost
• 2008: Barack Obama (D) - won

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