Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Last Chance to Kill Obamacare

The only remaining hope of finally killing this monster lies in a Romney victory.

Barack Obama's promise to cure the ills of our health care system was obviously an important factor in his 2008 victory over John McCain as well as that year's Democrat gains in the House and Senate. Most of the electorate favored some legislation that would slow rising medical costs and increase access to care. However, when Obamacare finally slogged out of the congressional slough, it was greeted with consternation and outrage. Instead of the reform they were promised, the voters got a grotesque government behemoth reeking of corruption. They were not amused. They appeared en masse at town hall meetings to harangue their representatives, organized a series of public protests and finally marched on Washington.

All for naught, of course. The President and his congressional accomplices ignored the voters, patronizing them with the assurance that they would learn to love "reform" once they understood it. But the electorate still regards the thing with fear and loathing. A recent Rasmussen survey showed that 54% of likely voters favor repeal, the precise percentage who opposed the law when it passed. Nonetheless, if the President is re-elected, ObamaCare will become a permanent feature of the entitlement landscape. The Supreme Court has demonstrated that it won't protect us from the beast's depredations, and a high priority of a second Obama term will be full implementation of his most important domestic "achievement."

The only way to kill this monster is full repeal. And, for all intents and purposes, tomorrow offers the last chance to set that process in motion. The need to take advantage of this opportunity is made manifest by a review of what the President and the Democrat Congress wrought in the name of "reform." It isn't possible to cover all of Obamacare's flaws in one column, but the point can be made by a brief summary of its worst provisions. Among these are mandates that restrict individual liberty and freedom of conscience, tax increases totaling more than $800 billion, the creation of perverse economic incentives that will kill millions of jobs, and the creation of a rationing board whose power will be virtually unchecked.

Obamacare contains a variety of arbitrary and harmful mandates, including one that requires insurance companies to provide health policies that meet federally defined "minimum standards." This is a very bad idea with a long track record of driving insurance premiums up. But the law's most egregious mandates are the "minimum coverage provision" that requires you to buy health coverage regardless of your desire or need to do so, and the HHS contraception mandate that requires all employers -- including Catholic hospitals and universities -- to provide employees coverage for abortion pills, contraceptives, and sterilization procedures. Combined, these mandates constitute a brazen assault on our most basic liberties.

The "minimum coverage provision," more commonly known as the individual mandate, forces you to buy a service from a private company approved by the government. This is the first time in the history of the republic that such a law has been passed by Congress. And, contrary to the claims of its supporters, it isn't comparable to state laws requiring drivers to buy auto insurance. Such requirements are imposed as a condition of owning and operating a large and dangerous machine. You can avoid those mandates by utilizing public transportation. The individual insurance mandate, on the other hand, is imposed on you merely because you exist. Thus, you can only avoid it by dying or paying a fine to the government.

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