Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Real Choice

This Tuesday we will choose between Liberty and Tyranny. I choose liberty. - Reggie

Let’s face it: We’re hanging by a thread on the very edge of a cliff.

WE'RE COMING DOWN to the wire now for the 2012 elections, but if you think that this choice is between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, you haven’t been paying attention. Though this presidential campaign has been broadcast, written, Tweeted, and Facebooked about more than any other in history, it’s not about the personalities involved. Forget about whether you’d want to have beer and cigarettes with Barack or spend time with Mitt doing…whatever he does for fun.

The choice is between restoring America or watching our nation become, in perpetuity, a larger version of the beleaguered European Union. Let’s face it: We’re hanging by a thread on the very edge of a cliff. Below us are all the nations we, for so long, had risen above in terms of productivity, quality of life, personal liberty, and economic freedom.

Today we live in a country where outlays by the federal government double every 18 years despite the so-called conservative movement’s efforts; where thousands of local and municipal governments can’t pay their bills and teeter on the brink of bankruptcy; where the government colludes with business, labor, and small interest groups to pick winners and losers while forcing the many to pay for the few.

It’s a ticking time bomb, and our time is almost up. From the progressives who imported from Europe ideas that favored the common good over the rights of the individual, to the New Deal, Fair Deal, and Great Society, America has become dangerously collectivist. President after president—from both parties—has built walls around failing ideas, because they’ve been reduced to mere used car salesmen trying to make a deal. They’ve altogether lacked the stomach to simply tell people “no.” And Obama has taken it to new lows.

The social compact has changed: from a time when hardscrabble people worked to better themselves and expected little help from a government whose principal function was to protect them; to a time when people’s personal achievements are forcibly tempered by a government that has pledged to support huge segments of the population on the backs of everyone else.

Through pensions, public employee unions, Medicare, and the Social Security Ponzi scheme, too many have gamed the system for too long for it to survive. We’ve gone from limited government to an attitude of “never enough.”

This whole idea of something for nothing has brought America to its weakest point since the Civil War. Instead of expecting to work hard and keep their earnings as a reward for a job well done, many Americans expect the government to provide for virtually their every need, while others are unmotivated to do more because they know they are ultimately working for the benefit of someone else.

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