Thursday, November 1, 2012

‘We must rip this fledgling tyranny out before its roots grow strong and indestructible’

Our society has come upon a defining moment: We, the American people, have a choice to make regarding the kind of government we desire.

The shape and role of our federal government has been slowly changing over that last few decades and now we have reached a critical juncture. The implications of our decision could last for generations, changing the course of America and possibly wrecking what took our Founding Fathers a lifetime to painstakingly establish – a Republic that secured liberty and esteemed man’s natural rights above all else – something the world had never witnessed.

This decision point is just days away on November 6th, Election Day.

The danger that lurks has manifested in a slow, methodical nature that has managed to escape the notice of most Americans. This encroaching danger is a federal government that is becoming so big it is accountable to no one.

The Executive branch has grown to an unprecedented size, the likes of which our ancestors would not recognize. An inordinate amount of consolidated power over the American people is coming to rest within the federal government, and worse, without check.

Is this the path we desire?

Often, any discussion involving the make-up of our federal government entails the acknowledgement of the Founding Fathers’ teachings as understood through their writings, speeches, and letters. While they were the progenitors of our Constitution – the document that proscribes not only how our government is to be formed, but also its lawful authority, and thereby the granting authority for all subsequent law in our nation – valuable insight can be taken from these learned men when working to understand how our government is meant to function.

Nonetheless, it is not my intent to unpack the genius of our founders, although I encourage Americans to examine for themselves the brilliance these men possessed.

We find ourselves at a crossroads, a decision point in our history. However, this fateful choice – a choice to live and remain free – is not new to the American people.

Periodically, Americans have confronted this decision from the very beginning. The shackles of tyranny were the very reason why the Pilgrims risked their life to come to what was once an uninhabited, dangerous land.

The birth of our nation was forged in the crucible of heated decision; decision that afforded no error, but carried all the risk. The founders had a choice to make. One path, while predictable, kept them under the ever-tightening bind of tyranny while the other path, which was far less certain, set them upon a course of freedom where our natural rights were embraced and man was free to entertain his God-given talents and abilities.

In the next century, we were confronted with the fact that we had let a different kind of tyranny manifest itself in our nation – slavery – and if we were to survive a free, moral people, that disease had to be cut out, no matter how painful.

Today, another fateful choice lay before us. While it may seem that such a weighty decision is beyond our experience, as we have seen, this is not so. This decision is in our blood; we have already made it time and time again.

While there is no question the federal government has been growing over time, we have come upon a point of no return. The policies set in motion over the last four years by the Executive branch aim to grow the government by authorizing a law-making power in the executive branch – a power beyond the people’s control. This creates an uncheck-able control; or one might say an unrestrained exercise of power – tyranny.

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