Monday, October 14, 2013

More of 2013 Values Voter Summit

Below are a few more speakers at the Value Voters Summit this past weekend.
- Reggie

Friday, October 11, 2013

2013 Values Voter Summit

The Values Voter Summit is being held October 11-13 in Washington, D.C. Below are some of the speakers so far. I may add more later this weekend. - Reggie

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Debt and Deficits

Senator Tom Coburn
Senator Tom Coburn spent some time on the Senate floor today and spoke the truth. - Reggie

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Epic 21 Hour Stand against ObamaCare by Ted Cruz

The video below is from yesterday afternoon through midday today. Senator Ted Cruz takes the floor about 20-25 minutes into this video and doesn't relinquish the floor for 21 hours. A real leader and true statesman has emerged in the US Senate, America.
- Reggie

courtesy of C-SPAN2

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ted Cruz talks about Defunding ObamaCare

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning and talked about his fight to defund ObamaCare. Each American citizen that opposes ObamaCare needs to call their two Senators this week and insist they vote to defund it. Also, a couple million more of us need to retweet Sarah Palin's tweet below. - Reggie

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mark Levin talks to Glenn Beck about The Liberty Amendments

Mark Levin was on the Glenn Beck radio show this morning talking about his latest book, The Liberty Amendments. It was the first time these two had ever spoken to each other.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Just Sayin'

SarahPAC, Sarah Palin's political action committee, has uploaded a new video today about ObamaCare.

Mark Levin talks about The Liberty Amendments at the Reagan Library

Mark Levin appeared at The Reagan Library on September 7, 2013 to talk about his current book, The Liberty Amendments.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hidden Killers of War

This video is an original short film by a close friend. - Reggie

YouTube description: A Jewish brother & sister escape from a concentration camp shortly after arriving. They are split up but both escape only to find an even more deadly, hidden killer.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mark Levin talks about The Liberty Amendments

Mark Levin
Last night Mark Levin was on Hannity discussing his new book, The Liberty Amendments.

He was interviewed by Neil Cavuto earlier today.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments

Someone has finally proposed a real world solution to the tyranny of the GOP Progressives & Democrat Progressives that are systematically subverting our Constitution and the rule of law. In Mark Levin's new book, The Liberty Amendments, he explains in detail how we can save the Constitution, our Republic Heritage and use that very Constitution to accomplish it.

Levin does not sugarcoat the process, either. He makes it very clear that it's going to take hard work from resolute, dedicated and courageous Americans to achieve any of this but I believe the debate should begin. We the People need to initiate the process as quickly as possible by contacting our State legislatures demanding they "call a Convention for proposing Amendments" to our Constitution in order to save our nation.

I have posted Jeffrey Lord's column from today's American Spectator along with several links to other articles and reviews of The Liberty Amendments. It's time, America, to seriously fight and defeat this oppressive, unconstitutional Federal government as we prove to the world that Patrick Henry's cry is our cry - "Give me liberty or give me death!" - Reggie

Restoring the American Republic: America’s Third Revolution.

The Third American Revolution has begun.

Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic is the revolutionary blueprint millions of Americans have been waiting for. Released today, Levin leads the charge for “restoring constitutional republicanism and preserving the civil society from the growing authoritarianism of a federal Leviathan.”

Carefully and powerfully written, the book uses the Constitution itself to illustrate how to reform the Constitution itself. To finally turn the tables on progressives and liberals — Statists, to use the term Levin has brought back to life — who have spent the last century slowly and not so slowly transforming America into the aforementioned “federal Leviathan.”

Levin knows his subject. The nationally syndicated talk-radio host is also the lawyer heading the Landmark Legal Foundation, and, among his string of credentials a former chief of staff to Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese III. Levin also has three earlier best sellers that have set the stage for The Liberty Amendments: Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America, in which Levin examined the role of judicial activism and the subversion of democracy in favor of the liberal agenda (hint: think slavery, segregation, abortion, the importation of laws from other countries, the role of a Klan member in erecting the so-called “separation of church and state). Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto in which Levin detailed the “modern liberal assault on Constitution-based values…that has steadily snowballed” since FDR’s New Deal. And Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America.  In which Levin reveals the role of the liberal ideal of utopia, the never-never land of human perfection that is always possible with just one more use… just one more… always just one more use… of power. A power that in harsh reality becomes a weapon “to dehumanize the individual and delegitimize his nature…a tyranny disguised as a desirable, workable, and even paradisiacal governing ideology.”

Liberty and Tyranny, written before the dawn of the Obama presidency but published just as the Tea Party burst onto the scene, in fact became what Congresswoman Michele Bachmann lauded as the “intellectual foundation” of the movement. As noted in this space  at the time, the response to L&T was so overwhelming (as captured in this remarkable video of a Levin book signing in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia) it was waved in the air at Tea Party rallies, with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin photographed holding a copy as she waited to speak.

The problem thus understood and discussed in detail in Levin’s earlier books — not to mention experienced in daily life by millions of Americans — the question is clear: What to do?

Levin’s answer is now at hand in The Liberty Amendments, the bookend to Men in Black, Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia.

Levin’s research into the Constitution, the debates of the 1787 Constitutional Convention as well as those of the state ratification conventions are beyond thorough. As is his sharp eye for the extensive writings of Founders famous — James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Mason — and lesser known: Virginia’s Edmund Randolph, Pennsylvania’s Gouverneur Morris and James Wilson along with Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts and others. Levin has plunged into the contemporaneous thoughts and writings of all the Founders to document precisely what reasoning lay behind the creation of the nation’s founding document.

Writes Levin in his opening chapter of the nation’s current state of affairs: 
Social engineering and central planning are imposed without end, since the governing masterminds, drunk with their own conceit and pomposity, have wild imaginations and infinite ideas for reshaping society and molding man’s nature in search of the ever elusive utopian paradise.
How in the world did America ever get to this place?

How did a country so carefully crafted as a constitutional republic by thoughtful men who had experienced tyranny up close and personal ever get to the point where the federal administrative state runs wild, Supreme Court justices, the president and the Congress disdain the Constitution they are all sworn to uphold and the nation, in Levin’s words, “is teetering on financial ruin due to the unconscionable profligate spending, borrowing, taxing and money printing by the federal government”? How does America wake up every day to find its government exercising unlimited power over the private economic behavior of every American? How is it possible that a federal government designed to operate from a defined “enumeration of grants of specific power” is now:
…the nation’s largest creditor, debtor, lender, employer, consumer, contractor, grantor, property owner, tenant, insurer, health-care provider, and pension guarantor….with aggrandized police powers…(that) for example…regulates most things in your bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen, as well as the mortgage you hold on your house. It designs your automobile and dictates the kind of fuel it uses. It regulates your baby’s toys, crib, and stroller; plans your children’s school curriculum and lunch menu; and administers their student loans in college. At your place of employment the federal government oversees everything from the racial, gender, and age diversity of the workforce to the hours, wages, and benefits paid.”
And that’s before it regulates your light bulbs and toilets.

In effect, over a century after the original American Revolution of 1776, followed by the writing and adoption of the Constitution after exhaustive debate in both Philadelphia at the Constitutional Convention and in the various states that then had to vote up or down on ratification — a Second American Revolution took place.

Read the rest of Jeffrey Lord's article

Also see...

American Thinker: Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments

Breitbart News Interview: Mark Levin and The Liberty Amendments

Breitbart: Review--The Liberty Amendments: Amend the Constitution--to Save It

Read Chapter 1 of The Liberty Amendments

Monday, August 5, 2013

Elbert Guillory Announces the Free at Last PAC

GOP Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory.
YouTube description: The Free at Last PAC exists to help elect Black Conservatives to higher office and promote Republican values in ALL American communities.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Obama Forfeits Trust by not Enforcing Obamacare

It's quite obvious that the United States of America has a Chief Executive that does not believe he is required to uphold and follow the laws of the land. Unfortunately, it's also quite obvious that the Republican party leadership is timid when it comes to holding our President accountable for his lawlessness. When will a true American leader emerge? Time is running out. - Reggie

Michael Barone
On Obamacare, as on immigration enforcement and welfare requirements, Barack Obama is following the course that cost King James II his throne. He is dispensing with the law.

James II was ousted in the Glorious Revolution of 1688-89, in large part for claiming that he could in particular cases dispense with — that is, ignore — an act of Parliament. (Shameless plug: Readers who want more information on this can consult my 2007 book, “Our First Revolution: The Remarkable British Upheaval that Inspired America’s Founding Fathers.”)

The law in question was the Test Act of 1673, which required that all government officials and military officers be members of the Church of England.

It is not a law admired by Americans today or, for that matter, by our Founding Fathers. Article VI of the Constitution provides that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

But the Founders did follow the English Bill of Rights of 1689, which stated “that the pretended power of dispensing with the laws, or the execution of the law by regal authority, as it hath been assumed and exercised of late, is illegal.”

That seems to be the clear purport of Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution, which requires that the president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

But the former constitutional law teacher now in the White House seems to be ignoring that duty.

Last week, a blog post by the assistant secretary of the treasury for tax policy announced that the government would not enforce Obamacare’s employer mandate, the penalty for not offering health insurance to full-time employees.

That announcement appeared the day before the Fourth of July. On July 5, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a 606-page regulation announcing that state health exchanges would not verify the eligibility of those applying for Obamacare health insurance subsidies.

Both decisions go against the letter of the law — in this case, a law that the president and his critics consider the chief domestic accomplishment of his administration.

Read the full article

The Truth About Gun Control

YouTube description: The right to keep and bear arms has always been central to the American identity. The American Revolution was sparked by British attempts to confiscate guns. After the Civil War, America changed the Constitution to defeat America's first gun control organization, the Ku Klux Klan. When Hitler and Stalin demonstrated how gun registration paves the way for gun confiscation which paves the way for genocide, Americans resolved to make sure it never happens here.

Gun control is not an issue of left vs. right, or urban vs. rural. Liberal icons such as Hubert Humphrey and Eleanor Roosevelt recognized the right to arms as fundamental to preventing large-scale tyranny by criminal governments, and small-scale tyranny by ordinary criminals. Barack Obama's gun control program is founded on disinformation, and is a direct assault on the Constitution.

To learn more read The Truth about Gun Control by David B. Kopel:

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hostage Crisis: The Blind Sheikh, Benghazi and Smoking Guns

Walid Shoebat
A Libyan intelligence document has been produced that directly implicates Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Mursi in the attacks on American installations in Benghazi on 9/11/12. Those who attempt to discredit this document run into trouble when it is coupled with real-time video we uncovered on 9/13/12. In that video, gunmen at the scene of the attack can be heard declaring that they were sent by Mursi.

After weeks of attempting to push the narrative that a video was responsible, the Obama administration ultimately had to concede that the attacks in Benghazi were terrorist in nature. A few months after 9/11/12, the top lawyer for the Pentagon stated that the war on terror should be waged by “law enforcement and intelligence agencies”.

Based on the Obama administration’s standard, the Benghazi attacks should be treated as a crime instead of as an act of war. Therefore, let us bring forth the evidence, which implicates the leader of a nation state (Egypt) in the attack and warrants a grand jury (House of Representatives) investigation to decide if administration officials should be indicted (impeached).

Since we’re deciding who to indict, we must look at evidence of involvement in the attack. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President – Mohammed Mursi – is a good place to start. Our first two exhibits are both damning but when taken together, may just constitute a ‘smoking gun’. EXHIBIT A is a video shot from a cell phone at the scene of the attacks. In this video, gunmen are seen running toward the camera, toward other gunmen. At one point – in Arabic which we have confirmed – one approaching gunman says, “Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi!”. Even though the video is in Arabic, you can discern the word “Mursi”.

A Libyan Intelligence document (EXHIBIT B) has now been brought forward by credible Arabic translator Raymond Ibrahim. This document discusses the confessions of six members of an Egyptian Ansar al-Sharia cell who were arrested and found to be involved in the Benghazi attacks. Ibrahim reported the following about this document:

It discusses the preliminary findings of the investigation, specifically concerning an “Egyptian cell” which was involved in the consulate attack. “Based on confessions derived from some of those arrested at the scene” six people, “all of them Egyptians” from the jihad group Ansar al-Sharia (“Supporters of Islamic Law), were arrested.

According to the report, during interrogations, these Egyptian jihadi cell members “confessed to very serious and important information concerning the financial sources of the group and the planners of the event and the storming and burning of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi…. And among the more prominent figures whose names were mentioned by cell members during confessions were: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Read the full story

Sen. Ted Cruz Addresses the 2013 National Right to Life Conference

The GOP is Dead to Me

In 2008, when John McCain was chosen as the Republican nominee for president, I changed my party affiliation from Republican to Independent. I did vote for the GOP ticket that year but only because Sarah Palin was added as the Vice Presidential candidate.

In 2010, there was a heated primary for an open U.S. Senate seat in my state that pitted Progressive Governor Charlie Crist against supposedly Conservative Marco Rubio. Because of this primary, I changed my party affiliation back to Republican so I could vote for Rubio in the primary.

Well, the country now knows that Rubio is not conservative, at all. He has shown himself to be no different from Charlie Crist, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ & Jimmy Carter. Progressives all. These are haters of the Constitution and actual destroyers of our Republic.

I am amazed at the conservatives that are giving Rubio a pass for his lies, deceit and willful cover up of the details concerning the amnesty bill he pushed in the Senate. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin & others continue to sing his praises as they say how disappointed they are about this decision. Disappointed? I'd say you are in denial! Rubio should face a primary challenge for his Senate seat in 2016 and I would like to see former Congressman Allen West do the honors. West has proven to be a man of principle and courage whom I believe would stand up against the Progressives in our federal government.

As of today, I have left the Republican party and will never return. They are no different than the Democrat party and unless a third party is born, I may never vote again. Americans have one choice now - Progressive Democrats or Progressive Republicans. In other words, we no longer have a choice. The GOP is dead to me.


American Revivals: Key to Shaping US History

Another great story from CBN News. Read their article here.

Covert Agenda: US Didn't Become Pro-Gay Overnight

From CBN News. Read the article here.

Catholic Priest Beheaded in Syria by Al-Qaeda-Linked Rebels as Men and Children Take Pictures and Cheer

Please, ask Congress to explain the reason we need to continue to arm these Syrian barbarians. They are our enemies and, if truth be told, they are the enemies of the civilized world. - Reggie

Syrian Catholic priest Francois Murad killed last weekend by jihadi fighters was beheaded, according to a report by Catholic Online which is linking to video purportedly showing the brutal murder.

As TheBlaze reported last week, Murad, 49, was setting up a monastery in Gassanieh, northern Syria. Last Sunday, on the Christian leader’s Sabbath, extremist militants trying to topple President Bashar Assad breached the monastery and grabbed Murad.

While earlier reports suggested Murad may have been shot to death, Catholic Online reported Saturday: “The Vatican is confirming the death by beheading of Franciscan Father, Francois Murad, who was martyred by Syrian jihadists on June 23.”

Read the full article

The 14 GOP Progressives that need to be Removed

Below is the full text of a Breitbart post from June 27, 2013. Every one of these Senators needs to be removed from office. It's time to find true conservative candidates to primary these Progressives. - Reggie

Breitbart News has compiled a list of the Republican Senators who voted for amnesty over border security and interior immigration law enforcement for readers’ information. Below, you will find a list of their names and phone numbers for an office in their home states.Office

Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire -- 603-880-3335 – Nashua Office

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee -- (423) 752-5337 – Chattanooga Office

Sen. Jeff Chiesa of New Jersey -- 202-224-3224 – (DC office as he does not have district offices)

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine -- (207) 622-8414 – Augusta Office

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee -- 901-683-1910 – Memphis Office

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona -- 602-840-1891 – Phoenix Office

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina -- (864) 250-1417 – Upstate Regional Office in Greenville

Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah -- (801) 524-4380 – Salt Lake City office

Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada -- 702-388-6605 – Las Vegas Office

Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota -- 701-250-4618 – Bismarck Office

Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois -- 217-492-5089 – Springfield Office

Sen. John McCain of Arizona -- (520) 670-6334 – Tucson Office

Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska -- 907-586-7277 – Juneau Office

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida -- (904) 398-8586 – Jacksonville Office

Judge Napolitano: ‘We have achieved universal watching and monitoring’

From June 26, 2013

Dr. Michael Brown's Response to the Supreme Court

Psalm 2

Why do the nations conspire[a]
    and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth rise up
    and the rulers band together
    against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
“Let us break their chains
    and throw off their shackles.”
The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
    the Lord scoffs at them.
He rebukes them in his anger
    and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
“I have installed my king
    on Zion, my holy mountain.”
I will proclaim the Lord’s decree:
He said to me, “You are my son;
    today I have become your father.
Ask me,
    and I will make the nations your inheritance,
    the ends of the earth your possession.
You will break them with a rod of iron[b];
    you will dash them to pieces like pottery.”
10 Therefore, you kings, be wise;
    be warned, you rulers of the earth.
11 Serve the Lord with fear
    and celebrate his rule with trembling.
12 Kiss his son, or he will be angry
    and your way will lead to your destruction,
for his wrath can flare up in a moment.
    Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

  1. Psalm 2:1 Hebrew; Septuagint rage
  2. Psalm 2:9 Or will rule them with an iron scepter (see Septuagint and Syriac)

Listen to Dr. Brown's Line of Fire broadcast concerning SCOTUS decision: The Supreme Court Rulings on Same-sex “Marriage” and the Battle for Our Children

And here are two articles by Dr. Brown concerning this decision:

The Black-Robed Regiment, Then and Now: A Fresh Call to Revolution

Why Same-Sex Marriage Will Ultimately Fail

Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is what Islam Looks Like

I'm sure most of you know about the beheading of a British soldier on the streets of London a few days ago. This is Islam! The western world will either face this truth or be conquered by these barbarians. And what is Obama doing? He has declared the war on terror is over. We are sleeping with the enemy.

Below is an interview with Walid Shoebat concerning this Islamic attack and information about President Obama's family. Shoebat says what I have believed for years - Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, not a Christian.

h/t The Right Scoop

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stand Down

Special Forces operatives ordered to stand down during Benghazi attack

A team of U.S. Special Forces in Tripoli preparing to respond to the attack last September on the U.S. mission in Benghazi was ordered to stand down by U.S. Special Forces Command Africa, according to written congressional testimony from the deputy to murdered Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Special Forces officers were slated to board a C-130 from Tripoli to Benghazi at around 6 a.m. on the night of the attack when their commander, Lt. Col. Gibson, was told he did not have the authority to send in his team, according to excerpts of Gregory Hicks’ testimony published by CBS News.

Hicks said the U.S. mission in Benghazi was in touch with the Special Forces team during the attack and expected them to respond.

“We fully intended for those [Special Forces] guys to go [on the flight], because we had already essentially stripped ourselves of our security presence, or our security capability to the bare minimum,” said Hicks in testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “They were on their way to the vehicles to go to the airport to get on the C-130 when [Lt. Col. Gibson] got a phone call from SOCAFRICA which said, you can’t go now, you don’t have authority to go now. And so they missed the flight.”

Hicks said Gibson told him that “I have never been so embarrassed in my life that a State Department officer has bigger balls than somebody in the military.”

The new allegations appear to contradict the Obama administration’s claim that State Department officials did not request military backup. Hicks and other whistleblowers will testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is resuming its hearings into the Benghazi attack on Wednesday.

Read the full story

The Immigration Transformation

Mark Steyn
A rational immigration reform would attempt to reorient, not accelerate, current policy.

Most countries in the world have irrelevant numbers of “immigrants.” In the Americas, for example, only Canada, America, and the British West Indies have significant non-native populations. In Mexico, immigrants account for 0.6 percent of the population, and that generally negligible level prevails all the way down through Latin America until you hit a blip of 1.4 percent with Chile and 3.8 percent in Argentina. There’s an isolated exception in Belize, which, like the English Caribbean, has historical patterns of internal migration within the British Commonwealth, such as one sees, for example, in the number of New Zealand–born residents of Australia. But profound sweeping demographic transformation through immigration is a phenomenon only of the Western world in the modern era, and even there America leads the way.

Over 20 percent of all the immigrants on the planet are in the United States. The country’s foreign-born population has doubled in the last two decades to 40 million — officially. Which is the equivalent of Washington taking a decision to admit every single living Canadian, and throwing in the population of New Zealand as a bonus. Thank goodness they didn’t do that, eh? (Whoops.) Otherwise, America would have been subject to some hideous, freakish cultural transformation in which there would be hockey franchises in Florida, and Canadian banks on every street corner in New York trumpeting their obnoxious jingoistic slogans (“TD: America’s neighborhood bank”), and creepy little pop stars with weird foreign names like Justin and Carly Rae doing the jobs America’s teen heartthrobs won’t do. What a vile alien nightmare that would be to wake up in.

Not so very long ago, its national mythology notwithstanding, the United States was little different from most other countries. In 1970, its foreign-born population was 4.7 percent. And, while most of the West has embraced mass immigration in the last half-century, America differs significantly from those developed countries, like Canada and Australia, that favor skilled migrants. Personally, I don’t see what’s so enlightened and progressive about denuding Third World nations of their best and brightest to be your doctors and nurses, but it does demonstrate a certain ruthless self-interest. By contrast the majority of U.S. foreign-born residents now come from Latin America, and more than a quarter of them — 12 million — from Mexico. A policy of “family reunification” will by definition lead to low-skilled immigrants: An engineer or computer scientist is less likely to bring in an unending string of relatives — because his dad’s a millionaire businessman in Bangalore and his brother’s a barrister in London, and they’re both happy and prosperous where they are. Insofar as there is any economic benefit to mass immigration, it’s more than entirely wiped out by chain importation of elderly dependents and other clients for the Big Government state.

So any rational immigration reform that respected the interests of the American people would attempt to reorient present policy. Instead, the Gang of Eight’s bill will cement it, and accelerate it. According to Numbers USA, if the immigration bill passed, it would increase the legal population of the United States by 33 million in its first decade. That figure includes 11.7 million amnestied illegals and their children, plus 17 million family members imported through chain migration, with a few software designers on business visas to round out the numbers.

Thirty-three million is like importing the entire population of Canada . . . oh, wait, we did that shtick three paragraphs ago. Okay, if you’re black, look at it this way: The demographic clout it took you guys four centuries to amass can now be accomplished overnight at a stroke of Chuck Schumer’s and Lindsey Graham’s pens. And, if you belong to the 40 percent of Americans who’ll be encountering many of these “chain migrants” in the application line for low-skilled service jobs, isn’t it great to know that in this gangbusters economy you’re going to have to pedal even faster just to go nowhere?

Speaking of demographic clout, the main reason for not importing 33 million Canadians is that they’re supposedly a bunch of liberal pantywaists and the Republican party would never be elected to anything ever again. But fortunately 33 million Latin Americans are, as we’ve been assured time and again by Charles Krauthammer and other eminent voices, “a natural conservative constituency” — which I think translates into Spanish as “una parte del electorado conservador natural.” I Googled this phrase and it got no hits, so perhaps Dr. Krauthammer got lost in translation. But I’ll take his word for it that, once America assumes the demographics of California, the Republican party will be unstoppable.

Aside from that electoral windfall, the benefits of Schumer-Rubio “comprehensive” “reform” seem doubtful. Every new arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing reveals some laughably obvious breach of the system. Alert to the possibility that the involvement of various hardworking immigrants in the recent unpleasantness might not be the best advertisement for his bill, John McCain is now proposing that the United States look more carefully at admitting persons “from countries that have histories such as Dagestan and Chechnya and others where there has been significant influence of radical Islamic extremism.” Incendiary Chechens is nothing a bit more bureaucratic oversight can’t cure.

Read the rest of the column

And there is this...

The Rubio Amnesty

Clinton sought end-run around counterterrorism bureau on night of Benghazi attack, witness will say

On the night of Sept. 11, as the Obama administration scrambled to respond to the Benghazi terror attacks, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a key aide effectively tried to cut the department's own counterterrorism bureau out of the chain of reporting and decision-making, according to a "whistle-blower" witness from that bureau who will soon testify to the charge before Congress, Fox News has learned.

That witness is Mark I. Thompson, a former Marine and now the deputy coordinator for operations in the agency’s counterterrorism bureau. Sources tell Fox News Thompson will level the allegation against Clinton during testimony on Wednesday before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

Fox News has also learned that another official from the counterterrorism bureau -- independently of Thompson -- voiced the same complaint about Clinton and Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy to trusted national security colleagues back in October.

Extremists linked to Al Qaeda stormed the U.S. Consulate and a nearby annex on Sept. 11, in a heavily armed and well-coordinated eight-hour assault that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three other Americans.

Thompson considers himself a whistle-blower whose account was suppressed by the official investigative panel that Clinton convened to review the episode, the Accountability Review Board (ARB). Thompson's lawyer, Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. attorney, has further alleged that his client has been subjected to threats and intimidation by as-yet-unnamed superiors at State, in advance of his cooperation with Congress.

Sources close to the congressional investigation who have been briefed on what Thompson will testify tell Fox News the veteran counterterrorism official concluded on Sept. 11 that Clinton and Kennedy tried to cut the counterterrorism bureau out of the loop as they and other Obama administration officials weighed how to respond to -- and characterize -- the Benghazi attacks.

"You should have seen what (Clinton) tried to do to us that night," the second official in State's counterterrorism bureau told colleagues back in October. Those comments would appear to be corroborated by Thompson's forthcoming testimony.

Read the full article

The Reactionary Republicans

Jeffrey Lord
The only thing GOP moderates have to fear: Can they get over FDR?

You can call them The Reactionary Republicans.

Or, if you prefer, The Collectivist Conservatives.

Whether in the media or think tanks or elsewhere, they are out there to carry water for the oldest and stalest of thread-bare political arguments, desperately trying to make the idea of eagerly reacting to liberals and liberalism a shiny new idea all over again.

Over at the Washington Post, the wonderfully misrepresented “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin believes conservatives should ditch Reagan for Franklin Roosevelt.

At the Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Peter Berkowitz is out with his rule book for Gerald Ford Republicans.

While over at MSNBC ex-Republican Congressman-turned-morning-talk show-host Joe Scarborough (as detailed here by Sean Hannity and the Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell in a Hannity Media Mash segment) prattles on with the liberal line on everything from gun control (he’s for it) to talk radio (he’s against it).

All three — and by no means are they alone — are following the age-old path that has been trod by Republicans of moderate stripe from Herbert Hoover to the Bushes. And don’t forget Alf Landon, Wendell Willkie, Thomas E. Dewey, the Richard Nixon of 1960, Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain and the ideologically mushed Mitt Romney.

The latter — who famously was an icon of “conservative” columnist Rubin (she managing the decidedly rare feat of bringing Left and Right together on the notion that she was a Romney “shill,” as and here at the Right’s Red State) — managed to carve a career where he was both for and against abortion, against Reagan before he was for Reagan, not to mention being the gubernatorial architect of Romneycare, the ideological father of Obamacare. No wonder Jen Rubin was crazy about the guy.

With all these miserably lost elections based on “moderation” you would think those who keep on keeping on with the idea of moderation that has repeatedly certified so many Republican presidential losers or closer-than-should be victories would have the decency to quietly slink off to re-think. Re-think the idea that “moderation” has anything new to contribute beyond losing presidential campaigns and what Mark Levin calls “Neo-Statist” government.

But…. Nah.

Now comes the Hoover Institution’s Peter Berkowitz to amusingly enter Republican moderation in the philosophies-of-the-ages sweepstakes, writing a book titled Constitutional Conservatism: Liberty, Self-Government, and Political Moderation.

In which Mr. Berkowitz, who has been down this road many times in various articles, insists that Big Government is here to stay, that the political moderation of conservatism “is a constitutional imperative and a demanding virtue” and that, oh by the way, Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley, Jr. and Ronald Reagan were really moderates.

And all of this old moderation is to be laundered and tidied-up to be reborn under the new name of “Constitutional Conservatism.”

So says Berkowitz in a book that confuses timidity with moderation, resignation with political wisdom and in spite of the book’s title cannot hide the fact that what’s being presented isn’t about the constitution, much less is it about conservatism.

Where to begin?

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Are Gay Basketball Players Greater Heroes than Decorated Soldiers?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

2013 NRA Convention Speeches

This year's NRA Convention is being held in Houston, Texas this weekend and it may be their most important convention ever.

Glenn Beck will be delivering the keynote tonight and I will post it as soon as I get it. Until then, enjoy the patriots below.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pentagon: Soldiers Could be Prosecuted for Promoting their Faith

“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”
 ― George Washington

 “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ― George Washington

The statement, released to Fox News, follows a Breitbart News report on Obama administration Pentagon appointees meeting with anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein to develop court-martial procedures to punish Christians in the military who express or share their faith.

(From our earlier report: Weinstein is the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and says Christians--including chaplains--sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the military are guilty of “treason,” and of committing an act of “spiritual rape” as serious a crime as “sexual assault.” He also asserted that Christians sharing their faith in the military are “enemies of the Constitution.”)

Being convicted in a court martial means that a soldier has committed a crime under federal military law. Punishment for a court martial can include imprisonment and being dishonorably discharged from the military.

So President Barack Obama’s civilian appointees who lead the Pentagon are confirming that the military will make it a crime--possibly resulting in imprisonment--for those in uniform to share their faith. This would include chaplains—military officers who are ordained clergymen of their faith (mostly Christian pastors or priests, or Jewish rabbis)--whose duty since the founding of the U.S. military under George Washington is to teach their faith and minister to the spiritual needs of troops who come to them for counsel, instruction, or comfort.

This regulation would severely limit expressions of faith in the military, even on a one-to-one basis between close friends. It could also effectively abolish the position of chaplain in the military, as it would not allow chaplains (or any service members, for that matter), to say anything about their faith that others say led them to think they were being encouraged to make faith part of their life. It’s difficult to imagine how a member of the clergy could give spiritual counseling without saying anything that might be perceived in that fashion.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Ted Cruz is not a Typical Freshman Senator

Cruz is fantastic and we need 97 more like him. We know we can count on Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) & Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). America is in a sorry state when we realize there are 3 out of 100 Senators that will protect and defend the Constitution. - Reggie

Dianne Feinstein was agitated.

The Democratic senator from California did not like the line of questioning she was getting from Sen. Ted Cruz, the freshman Republican from Texas, as she defended her so-called assault weapons bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee in March.

Cruz was reciting from the Constitution. He then asked that given Feinstein’s position on the government banning certain types of guns: Would she also approve of the government banning books it found harmful?

“I’m not a sixth grader,” Feinstein responded, expressing contempt for the question. She went on to point out that she had “studied the Constitution myself,” and “am reasonably well-educated.”

“I thank you for the lecture,” she added.

The heated debate between the two senators was significant. Cruz now admits he thinks his aggressive questioning helped draw negative attention to the bill, stopping it from ever having a serious chance of passing.

It also illustrates the kind of first-term senator Cruz has become. In his first 100 days on Capitol Hill, Cruz has been tireless in trying to shape the political debate in the Senate, from guns to Obamacare to drones to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s nomination hearings.

In an interview with The Daily Caller last week, Cruz said, “My focus every day in office has been on two things. Number one, defending the Constitution. And number two, fighting to restore economic growth.”

Cruz’s outspokenness has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues.

“He’s been right in the middle of almost every major debate we’ve had,” Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, told TheDC in an interview. “And that’s pretty unusual for somebody who just arrived and was just sworn in.”

Speaking by phone, McConnell said of Cruz: “He’s a force. Already.”

Asked if the 42-year-old Cruz is more outspoken than the typical freshman lawmaker, the leader said there’s “no question.”

“I say that with admiration,” McConnell said. “Now others, some people are saying that with a different connotation. I think he was fully prepared intellectually and temperamentally to hit the ground running and not, you know, be intimidated by the place. And I think that’s something to be admired.”

As his encounter with Feinstein indicates, the former Texas solicitor general is fond of talking about the country’s founding documents.

“Ted is one of these guys you can ask about any provision in the Constitution and he can recite it for you almost verbatim,” Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee said.

With all of his activity, Cruz is developing a national fan base of conservatives. He keynotes national conservative confabs, like the Conservative Political Action Conference. He is also comfortable taking the conservative message to the Sunday shows, once battling New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer on “Meet the Press.”

His supporters argue he can help improve the Republican Party’s image with youthful vigor, humor and a positive message. He often speaks of what he calls “opportunity conservatism.”

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Immigration Sophistry

Thomas Sowell
Most laws are meant to stop people from doing something, and to penalize those who disregard those laws. More generally, laws are meant to protect the society from the law breakers.

But our immigration laws are different. Here the whole focus is on the "plight" of those who have broken the laws, and on what can be done to lift the stigma and ease the pressures they feel, so that they can "come out of the shadows" and "normalize" their lives.

Merely using the word "illegal" to describe their breaking the law is considered to be a sign of mean-spiritedness, if not racism. The Associated Press refuses to let their reporters refer to people who sneaked across the border into this country, in violation of American immigration laws, as "illegal immigrants."

On the other hand, if an ordinary American citizen breaks a law, no one cares if he has to live in fear for years -- "in the shadows," as it were -- worrying that his illegal act will be discovered and punished. No one bothers to come up with euphemisms to keep from calling what he did illegal.

No cities announce that they will provide "sanctuary," so that American shoplifters, or even jay-walkers, will be protected from the law. But, in some places, illegal immigrants are treated almost as if they were in a witness protection program.

What is even more remarkable about this special treatment is that you are not supposed to think about it as special treatment. When a new immigration law is proposed that simply overlooks violations of the old law, that is not supposed to be called "amnesty" -- even though the word "amnesty" has the same root as "amnesia." It is all about forgetting.

Why is it not supposed to be called "amnesty"? Because illegal immigrants must "earn" their citizenship. But if an ordinary American citizen gets a traffic ticket, the law is not going to just forget about it, no matter what good deeds he does afterwards.

People who come here perfectly legally have to earn their citizenship. Why is earning citizenship some special reason for ignoring the illegality of others?

Impressive feats of sophistry have become the norm in discussions of illegal immigration.

For example, we are told that there is no way that the government can find all the people who are in the country illegally and deport them. Does anyone imagine that the government can find all the embezzlers, drunk drivers or bank robbers in the country? And does anyone think that this is a reason why the government should stop trying to enforce laws against embezzlement, drunk driving or bank robbery? Or let embezzlers, drunk drivers and bank robbers "come out of the shadows" and "normalize" their lives?

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Gosnell is Not an Exception

Star Parker
Kirsten Powers has done a national service, by virtue of her now famous USA Today column, of getting the news of the trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell on the national radar screen.

This of course, is the horror story of a cesspool in Philadelphia posturing as an abortion clinic, operating without inspection for 17 years. Gosnell, the doctor who ran the place, has been formally charged of murder of one woman and seven infants.

However, the grand jury report and testimony of family and staff at the trial indicate that if there were records in this dump, where life and death were meted out daily, Gosnell would be indicted for hundreds of murders of live children.

Most likely, and sadly, this horror story will have its fifteen minutes of fame and the nation will move on. The national press got dragged unwillingly to report it, finally, because of Ms. Powers’ courageous column. But there is no way to keep them on a story they don’t want to cover.

Maybe we can keep this story alive by keeping in mind a few things.

What was happening in Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society clinic was not some bizarre exception to the rule.

You can ask Day Gardner, founder and president of the National Black Pro-life Union. Her life is dedicated to covering these realities. In her words, “This is not an exception. These realities are happening every day all over our country.”

Despite the sense that no one was paying attention to the Gosnell story before Kirsten Powers wrote about it, know that Dr. Gardner, Dr. Alveda King, and other pro-life activists were demonstrating outside Gosnell’s clinic as early as February 2011.

They held a press conference about the trial on April 4, a week before Powers’ column appeared. Alveda King wrote in her blog the day before, “…Rev. Clenard Childress and Dr. Day Gardner…are in Philadelphia reporting on the Kermit Gosnell trial that the mainstream media is virtually ignoring.“

Just this week, The Washington Times has reported that Gosnell-like conditions have existed at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Vice President Biden’s own backyard in Delaware.

The Times reports “Abortions have been suspended at a Delaware Planned Parenthood, after several 911 calls made from within the clinic prompted a new investigation by Health and Human Services.”

Two nurses quit to protect their licenses, one saying “I couldn’t tell you how ridiculously unsafe it was.”

According to the story, “Since Jan. 4, five patients have been rushed to the emergency room.”

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Why Do Radical Muslims Hate Us?

Dr. Michael Brown
What would motivate two young Muslims to blow up innocent men, women, and children? What did America do to deserve such an outpouring of irrational, blind hatred? In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, it is clear that most Americans still do not understand the ideology of radical Islam.

Bill O’Reilly noted that America had been very kind to the Tsarnaev family, wondering how they could have paid back our generosity with such barbaric acts of terror. America is a great, open-hearted country that welcomed this immigrant family and made the American dream accessible to them. Now they kill and maim our people?

More than two decades ago, Daniel Coleman, an American intelligence agent, wondered what it was that fueled the fires of an obscure Islamic radical named Osama bin Laden. Reading one of bin Laden’s writings, Coleman observed that “one of the striking features of the document was that time seemed to have stopped a thousand years ago. There was now and there was then, but there was nothing in between. It was as if the Crusades were still going on in bin Laden’s universe. The intensity of the anger was also difficult for Coleman to grasp. What did we do to him? he wondered” (as recounted by Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower).

As Coleman was to learn, and as all of America should have learned by now, in the eyes of radical Muslims, America has done much to deserve their wrath.

First, America’s wars in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan are considered to be Western intrusions into the Muslim world, power-grabbing moves aimed at world domination, sometimes motivated by greed (= oil), always motivated by a sense of the superiority of American democracy.

What we view as wars of liberation at the cost of precious American lives, they view as acts of exploitation, as murderous incursions that are wiping out hundreds of thousands, if not millions of their people. (I am not supporting these views; I am simply stating how radical Muslims view us.)

How many Iraqi and Afghani citizens have been killed by American bombs? they would ask. How many innocent Muslim men, women, and children have been slaughtered? They will now inflict that same terror on us, not by dropping bombs on us from the air (since they don’t have the capability of doing so), but by planting bombs on our busy city streets.

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