Monday, March 23, 2015

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is Running for President

Early this morning Senator Ted Cruz tweeted:

"I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support!"

This is the man I have been hoping would throw his hat in the ring and he is the first Republican to declare his candidacy for the 2016 race. He is the most conservative candidate in the GOP field, he is a true Constitutional scholar (unlike Obama) and he is a true believer in Jesus Christ. These three points are very important to me when considering any candidate. I could write about dozens of other characteristics, principled stands and courageous statements made by Cruz since he first ran for Senate in 2012. I will be contributing to his campaign and will vote for him in the GOP primary.

Quite a few people have wondered why Cruz would announce his candidacy on March 23rd. It's quite simple. It's the anniversary of the disaster known as ObamaCare. Below is a speech he gave at Liberty University this morning where he formally announced his 2016 campaign.


Please, visit his campaign site here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Addresses Congress

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke to a joint session of Congress yesterday about the serious threat Iran poses to the world. As you know, President Obama is having secret talks with the terrorist regime that will allow Iran to eventually obtain nuclear weapons.

Obama made sure no representative of his administration attended Netanyahu's speech and several Democrats boycotted, as well. I must say that this was the most important speech given to Congress since George W. Bush left office.

I am beginning to believe Obama wants Iran to have nuclear weapons as a check on Israel. We continue to see how much Obama favors Islamic views and he has done nothing to stop the chaos in the Arab world. God help us.